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在試作不同的聖誕餅乾的過程中,我們偶然發現了兩種非常棒的穀麥片配方。事實上它們非常好吃所以我們決定將它們作為常規產品推出。 無論您喜歡搭配冷牛奶,還是搭配一杯酸奶和新鮮水果,我們相信您的早餐時間變得更加美味!

In the process of experimenting with different Christmas Cookie recipes we stumbled onto two ridiculously good granola recipes. They are so good in fact that we’ve decided to launch them as regular product offerings. These resealable bags are a hefty 600g and we spare no expense on the additional ingredients that are packed with nutrition, flavor and texture. Whether you enjoy granola with cold milk or with a cup of yogurt and fresh fruit, we are sure you will agree that breakfast time just got a whole lot tastier!